Matthew Hill Bespoke

Matthew works closely with clients to achieve a stunning end result to complement the home and surrounding environment. This is achieved through a number of stages to the commissioning process, in which the client is fully involved from start to finish.

Matthew will first get to know the client and visit them in their home. This enables Matthew to see the environment which the piece is to be situated in, and to spend time with the client discussing any specific requirements they may have, along with their interests and passions, in order to create a piece which they can connect with.

After the initial meeting, Matthew will generate sketches and create samples to show his vision. Once a design is agreed upon, Matthew will complete a final technical drawing to work from, along with a CAD drawing, models, mock ups and further samples if required.

The client is invited to visit the making of the piece along its journey to completion, which enables them to see the inner workings to the process and understand the making behind the piece, with its combination of traditional methods and modern techniques.

For information regarding the purchase, to arrange a viewing of a piece, or information regarding a commissioned piece: