Bonsai Console II

Materials ~ Indian Rosewood, Stainless Steel

Throughout the Bonsai Collection, boundaries are pushed to create innovative and stylish ways to achieve the unimaginable.

Testing the limits of asymmetrical formations with balance, strength with delicacy and organic with man-made. Creating function through direction and standing by the metaphorical pillars of ‘asymmetrical balance’ and ‘delicate strength’ are key to this collection.

This Bonsai console is stripped back right to the core, celebrating the values of the collection. It’s all about the organic form and materials, testing the limits of achievability while creating something visually pleasing.

The crisp edges of the stainless steel strands glide elegantly across one another, flowing in the same direction and branching out to meet the sharp lines of the Indian Rosewood top with its strong tones and grain, complementing the relationship between the two materials.