Bonsai Console I

Materials ~ Macassar Ebony, Steel, Rippled Sycamore

Throughout the Bonsai Collection, boundaries are pushed to create innovative and stylish ways to achieve the unimaginable.

Testing the limits of asymmetrical formations with balance, strength with delicacy and organic with man-made. Creating function through direction and standing by the metaphorical pillars of ‘asymmetrical balance’ and ‘delicate strength’ are key to this collection.

Exploration within any project is key. With this piece, hidden storage with crisp detail and execution invites the viewer to interact with the piece.

Giving a soft finish to the metal strands visually pushes the structure to the background, bringing the deep rich tones of the Macassar Ebony to the foreground. However, within the background lies the key importance of the functionality of the piece, creating subtle strength to allow the possibility of such features as table tops, shelves and drawers.